Health Disparities and Equity

Health Disparities in Kansas

The population of Kansas is aging, increasing in racial and ethnic diversity, and concentrating more in urban areas. The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified important and long-standing differences in health, wealth and opportunity among Kansans of different races, as well as for those living in communities that are socially or geographically isolated. Improving health in our state requires addressing these inequities across our population.

KHI identifies and examines health disparities that emerge through social, economic and environmental factors. We engage with communities across Kansas to provide services and tools that support their health equity initiatives and policymaking.

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The Kansas Health Institute supports effective policymaking through nonpartisan research, education and engagement.

KHI believes evidence-based information, objective analysis and civil dialogue enable policy leaders to be champions for a healthier Kansas.

Established in 1995 with a multiyear grant from the Kansas Health Foundation, KHI is a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational organization based in Topeka.

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