Kansas Health Policy Analysis

Policy Analysis

KHI is committed to providing high-quality, nonpartisan and evidence-based policy analysis. This allows state and local policymakers, as well as other stakeholders, to make informed, data-driven decisions about issues impacting the health and well-being of Kansans. We identify and systematically compare potential policy options and collaborate with stakeholders to present and discuss the learnings.

Our Expertise

  • Identifying, developing and describing policy options

  • Assessing the impact of policies after implementation

  • Evaluating policy options and alternatives in terms of their potential health and economic impact

  • Preparing infographics, issue briefs, reports and other tools designed to disseminate information to a wide variety of audiences

Sample projects

Medicaid Expansion

What Kansas Can Learn from Medicaid Expansion in Other States

This issue brief examined different state approaches to Medicaid expansion, as well as enrollment and cost trends and the effects of expansion on health outcomes and state economies. It was published to inform the debate as the Legislature considered expanding Medicaid to low-income Kansans.

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Medical marijuana prescription

Analysis of State Medical Marijuana Laws

Recent blog posts examined medical marijuana programs across the nation and compared two bills considered in the Kansas Legislature. This edition of A Kansas Twist summarized and analyzed some of the key features of comprehensive medical marijuana laws in other states, including registration requirements, medical conditions, possession limits and cultivation regulations. These legislative provisions have been at the center of the medical marijuana policy debate in Kansas and were featured in a Health at the Capitol blog comparing two Kansas bills.

Smoking Youth

Youth Access to Tobacco: Tobacco 21 Enforcement Study and Tobacco Retail Outlet Density

This report, produced through a partnership with the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas, Public Health Department, looked at local enforcement of the Tobacco 21 initiative adopted by Kansas City, Kansas, in November 2015. The report found that new and current adopters of Tobacco 21 might consider including enforcement provisions and funding mechanisms in their ordinances.

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Why KHI?


For more than 25 years, we have developed a deep understanding of Kansas policy issues, systems, opportunities and challenges. With this in mind, we’ve crafted our services to meet the needs of our local, county, state and national partners.

KHI Employees

Why KHI?


KHI believes evidence-based information, objective analysis and civil dialogue enable policy leaders to be champions for a healthier Kansas.

KHI Employees

Why KHI?


We provide actionable information for decision-makers working to improve the health of Kansans. We collaborate across sectors and jurisdictions to deliver services and products that support effective policymaking.

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