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Kansas Health Policy Education

About the Kansas Health Institute

The Kansas Health Institute supports effective policymaking through nonpartisan research, education and engagement. KHI believes evidence-based information, objective analysis and civil dialogue enable policy leaders to be champions for a healthier Kansas.

Established in 1995 with a multiyear grant from the Kansas Health Foundation, KHI is a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational organization based in Topeka.

Our Vision

Healthier Kansans through effective policy.

About Our Work

KHI’s work often leads to publications used in our educational offerings for policymakers – arming them with credible analysis on topics such as health reform, community health, insurance coverage and public health.

KHI convenes conversations with policy leaders of diverse political perspectives who use evidence to make informed decisions on issues that affect the health of Kansans.

Who We Serve

At the time of its founding in 1995, KHI was unique in its status as a health policy-focused educational organization that was independent, non-university based, and supported primarily through philanthropy. As a public health institute, KHI continues to be supported by a core-operating grant from the Kansas Health Foundation and also obtains funding from other regional and national foundations and state and federal agencies.

We design our educational offerings for people from a wide range of backgrounds and organizations.

  • Community groups and coalitions
  • Education institutions
  • Employers and business leaders
  • Health care delivery systems
  • National research organizations
  • Philanthropies
  • Policymakers
  • Public health programs
  • State agencies

Connect With Us

Kansas health policy education starts here.

At the Kansas Health Institute, our experts have a deep understanding of health policy issues in Kansas. We make ourselves available for conversations with policymakers, providing evidence-based perspectives on the issues that impact the health of Kansans.

We invite you to connect with our experts and faculty, who come from diverse disciplines including public health, medicine, health policy and systems management, health care administration, political science, law, economics, biology, business and communications.

Supporting Your Initiatives and Projects

Our experts can help you find the resources and services you need. Let’s meet to talk about our expansive capabilities in research and evaluation, technical assistance, education, project management and process facilitation, among other services. If you are looking to collaborate with KHI, reach one of our experts.

Citing Our Work

You are invited to use our materials if appropriately crediting the Kansas Health Institute.

Work with KHI

If you would like to explore the possibility of working with KHI, please contact us! We would be happy to discuss possible approaches, timeline and cost.

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