Photo of family and doctor.

Holistic care coordination (HCC) is a patient-focused approach that considers the physical, emotional and social aspects of a patient and family when providing services and supports in the development of a health care plan. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) Title V Maternal and Child Health Services Program partnered with the Kansas Health Institute in 2023 on this study to explore how the HCC model could be expanded across primary care and maternal and child health programs in Kansas. This report provides insights into current HCC services for Kansas residents who are pregnant or in their postpartum period, or who are children, primarily those age 0-8, and aims to inform future improvements to HCC policy and practice across Kansas.

KHI would like to thank the following JUNTOS Center for Advancing Latino Health team members for serving as authors on the Spanish-Language Focus Groups Addendum.

  • Mariana Ramírez, LCSW, Director
  • Mariana Hildreth, Communications and Community Outreach Coordinator

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