Kansas Medicaid: A Primer 2024

An Updated Handbook on the Kansas Medicaid Program

Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) play a substantial role in the Kansas health care system by providing coverage for health services and long-term care for low-income children and families, people with disabilities and older adults.  

KHI and the Kansas Legislative Research Department (KLRD) are pleased to provide basic facts and information about Medicaid and CHIP in Kansas. This report, Kansas Medicaid: A Primer 2024, includes an overview of Medicaid and CHIP, analysis of recent trends in Kansas, and general information about covered services and populations. 

In the two years since the last edition of this report, federal and state policy have continued to evolve, and although the public health emergency has ended, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected Medicaid and CHIP in ways both temporary and permanent. Some effects of these policies and the pandemic are reflected in key figures in this report, as well as in an additional section starting on page 20.  

KanCare, the state’s comprehensive managed care program, has been in place since 2013, and this report captures data from that entire period as well as the pre-KanCare period.  

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