Video – County Health Rankings in a Changing Kansas

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May 30, 2019


Kansas Health Institute


Approximately 170 individuals participated in a symposium co-sponsored by the Kansas Health Institute and the Kansas Hospital Association on Wednesday, May 8, 2019, about the changing demographics in Kansas and the role the County Health Rankings can play as counties work to develop healthy and thriving communities, now and in the future.

A video of the symposium is below.

To watch a particular segment of the video of the meeting, position your mouse over the playbar on the video and click at the appropriate time point (see below for the video time point for each segment), then click the play arrow. (The length of the entire recording is 3:23:20.)

If you prefer to watch the video on our Vimeo page, you can click on the links below to be taken directly to the indicated segment of the video.

  • Welcome (video time point at 0:00)
    Robert F. St. Peter, M.D., President and CEO, Kansas Health Institute
  • A Changing Kansas (video time point at 8:34)
    Charles Hunt, M.P.H., Senior Analyst, Kansas Health Institute
  • The State of Health in Kansas: Where We Live Matters (video time point at 26:43)
    Gianfranco Pezzino, M.D., M.P.H., Senior Fellow, Kansas Health Institute
  • What Do Rankings Mean? (video time point at 1:02:58)
    Facilitated Conversation
  • Whither Goes Kansas? (video time point at 1:12:26)
    Ron Manderscheid, Ph.D., Executive Director, National Association of County Behavioral Health and Developmental Disability Directors; Executive Director, National Association for Rural Mental Health; Adjunct Professor, Department of Mental Health, Bloomberg School of Public Health, John Hopkins University; and Adjunct Professor, School of Social Work, University of Southern California
  • Panel Discussion (video time point at 2:15:24)
    • John Jacobson, M.H.A., CEO, Atchison Hospital
    • Jody Hoener, L.B.S.W., M.B.A., Economic Development Director, Bourbon County
    • Les Sperling, B.A., L.A.C., President and CEO, Recovery PRN, LLC
  • Bringing It Home (video time point at 2:59:01)
    • Facilitated Conversation
  • Closing Remarks (video time point at 3:07:08)
    • Thomas L. Bell, President and CEO, Kansas Hospital Association
    • Lee A. Norman, M.D., Secretary, Kansas Department of Health and Environment

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