Advancing Behavioral Health Priorities in Community Health

A Resource of Practical Ideas

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Nov 07, 2017


Tatiana Y. Lin, M.A.,

Carlie J. Houchen, M.P.H.


As Kansas communities continue to initiate health improvement efforts, they often wrestle with how best to engage in behavioral health work given the complexity of the issues and the need for multi-pronged efforts focused on diverse and integrated approaches. The Kansas Health Institute has prepared a resource of practical ideas for advancing behavioral health priorities identified in community health (needs) assessments (CHAs/CHNAs) and community health improvement plans (CHIPs) in Kansas, and it seeks to point readers to examples of how these priorities have been effectively addressed in other communities.

Readers will learn about evidence-based practices related to the following priorities referenced in CHAs/CHNAs and CHIPs:

    • Mental Health:¬†Access to (affordable) health insurance coverage, provider shortages, access to comprehensive and integrated services, screening and prevention, transportation to access services, and assessment of the need for mental health services in the community.
    • Substance Abuse:¬†Use of tobacco and tobacco products by adults and youth, access to comprehensive substance abuse programs, use of smokeless tobacco, use of tobacco and tobacco products during pregnancy, use of alcohol products by adults and youth, alcohol-related traffic accidents, use of drugs by adults and youth, and use/abuse of prescription drugs.

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