Fact Sheet – Snapshot of Insurance Coverage in Kansas: 2012

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Nov 09, 2012


Ivan Williams, M.B.A.


Key Points

    • About 365,000 Kansans are uninsured (13.1 percent).
    • During the last decade, the number of Kansans with employment-based insurance dropped while more Kansans received public coverage or were uninsured.
    • Although employment-based insurance remains the primary source of coverage for Kansans, more than one of every four Kansans has public coverage and one of every eight Kansans lacks insurance (Figure 1).
    • Non-elderly people living in Southeast Kansas or Wyandotte County are more likely than other Kansans to be covered by Medicaid or CHIP (Figure 2).
    • People living in western Kansas are more likely to be uninsured (Figures 3 and 4 ).
Figure 1: primary sources of health insurance
Figure 2: Medicaid/CHIP participation rate of non-elderly Kansans
Figure 3: percent of non-elderly Kansans that are uninsured
Figure 4: percent of Kansas children that are uninsured by county

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