Samuel Crumbine bronze statue in front of the KHI office.

Dr. Samuel J. Crumbine Statue & Pocket Park

Downtown Topeka Pocket Park

The public/private partnership of Downtown Topeka, Inc., and the Downtown Topeka Foundation has created a dynamic experience for visitors of Topeka to learn about famous Kansans and enjoy interactive spaces in the pocket parks downtown. This is the first pocket park “off the avenue” (Kansas Avenue), and its design supports the vision of the Kansas Health Institute of healthier Kansans through effective policy. Throughout the park you will find quotes from Dr. Crumbine, which are inspired by not only his public health campaigns, but also education and informing people directly to help prevent the spread of disease. The bike racks are shaped like flyswatters—a nod to Dr. Crumbine’s famous “Swat the Fly!” campaign—and hold bicycles to encourage physical activity in the Capitol Complex. Green spaces—filled with native Kansas plants—and outdoor seating provide a place for visitors to enjoy their lunch, take a stretch, or snap a photo with Dr. Crumbine (#DrCrumbine) and our beautiful statehouse across the street. QR code signs, leading to this website, are located throughout the park and provide an interactive element for visitors to learn about Dr. Crumbine’s story and how his public health crusades changed how we live today.


The statue was created by artists Carson Norton of Great Bend, Kansas, and Charles Norton of Leoti, Kansas. Learn more about the sculpting and casting of the statue on their studio page. Funding for the statue provided by the Kansas Health Foundation.