Understanding Meaningful Measures in KanCare

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Nov 06, 2020


KanCare Meaningful Measures Collaborative

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The KanCare Meaningful Measures Collaborative (KMMC) was created out of a desire to better understand how KanCare is performing. KMMC is a coalition of KanCare consumers, stakeholders, researchers and state staff whose goal is not to evaluate the KanCare program, but instead to establish consensus around which data and metrics are most needed to better understand the performance of the program. KMMC is a volunteer effort of many stakeholders but is not an official activity of the KanCare program or the State of Kansas.

KMMC is releasing a series of reports that highlights existing meaningful measures. The series includes an overview which provides a short description of KMMC and the process it uses to establish consensus around a set of measures — Meaningful Measures — that are important to better understanding KanCare performance. Three separate briefs — Pregnancy OutcomesCare Coordination and Network Adequacy — are intended to provide examples of Meaningful Measures in some priority topic areas. Because the KMMC work is ongoing, these briefs don’t necessarily provide a full picture of KanCare performance in each area; instead, they are meant to highlight existing Meaningful Measures and provide information on other available data that could address gaps in the information currently reported. Finally, the Annual Report provides additional information on the full set of KMMC recommendations including measuring social determinants of health in KanCare.

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