The Cost of Care: Prescription Drugs in KanCare — Virtual Event

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Feb 17, 2022


Phillip Steiner, M.A.


State budgets continue to absorb significant cost increases related to pharmaceuticals, and the Kansas Medicaid program (KanCare) — at 16.7 percent of state general funds — is under the microscope for issues related to drug payments and discount reporting by pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs).

On February 17, 2022, the Kansas Health Institute (KHI) hosted a virtual discussion and provided a brief overview of Medicaid pharmacy pricing, high-cost drugs, rebates and PBMs, along with a discussion of state policy options for controlling cost. Phillip Steiner, M.A., led the discussion.

KHI materials related to this topic can be accessed in the Documents & Downloads section.

External resources referenced in the discussion include:

To view specific topics from the agenda, move the slider to the time listed.

    • Introduction (0:00 on the recording)
    • Agenda (3:25 on the recording)
    • Poll: Factors Driving up the Cost of Health Care (4:07 on the recording)
    • KanCare MCO Spending by Category of Service (6:38 on the recording)
    • Discussion (15:04 on the recording)
    • KanCare Pharmacy Benefit (16:56 on the recording)
    • Medicaid Drug Pricing (20:03 on the recording)
    • Specialty and High-Cost Drugs (25:13 on the recording)
    • Discussion (27:43 on the recording)
    • National RX Spending Trends (32:52 on the recording)
    • Discussion (37:08 on the recording)
    • State Medicaid Policy (43:59 on the recording)

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