Potential Health Effects of Municipal Water Reuse in Kansas

Kansas Health Impact Assessment Project

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Oct 18, 2017


Tatiana Y. Lin, M.A.,

Sarah M. Hartsig, M.S.,

Carlie J. Houchen, M.P.H.


In 2013, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback called on the Kansas Water Office and the Kansas Department of Agriculture to develop a long-term vision for water in Kansas. The resulting Kansas Water Vision provides a set of strategies related to conservation, water management, technological advancements in irrigation and plant varieties, and the development of new sources of water supply. By calling for an evaluation of the sources and potential uses of lower-quality water as a strategy for additional sources of water supply, the Water Vision provides an impetus for examining opportunities for water reuse in Kansas.

To inform the Kansas Water Vision and future decisions about water reuse, the Kansas Health Institute conducted a health impact assessment to examine how municipal water reuse might positively or negatively impact the health of Kansas residents.

This study analyzed seven factors related to the effects of water reuse which could impact health in Kansas, including water availability, community sustainability, water quality, community perception of water quality, consumption of beverages other than municipal water, costs and utility rates, and guidance and regulations. To maximize the potential positive health effects and mitigate the potential negative health effects of water reuse, the assessment includes recommendations for policymakers and relevant agencies to consider.

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