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Kansas Health Matters Website Redesigned and Enhanced

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Feb 03, 2015


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TOPEKA, Kan.—The Web-based tool Kansas Health Matters has been redesigned and enhanced to better assist anyone interested in actionable information for community health improvement in Kansas. now features a new monthly focus area, defines key health indicators and is more user-friendly with a new look and feel. continues to bring community health-related statistical data, local resources and a wealth of information into one, accessible, user-friendly location. The evolving nature of this website allows all users of Kansas Health Matters to contribute information and ideas. The site is made possible by the Kansas Health Matters Partnership.

Although local health departments and hospitals were the original primary target audience for Kansas Health Matters, members of the Kansas Health Matters partnership have worked to revise the new website for even broader use including schools, health associations, chambers of commerce, tourism and government representatives … anyone looking to identify and understand the health indicators in their community. This site will provide them with tools and resources to support health improvement efforts.

“Kansas Health Matters is a great example of how Kansas’ health community is leveraging partnerships to improve the coordination of programs across the state,” said Charlie Hunt, MPH, State Epidemiologist, Kansas Department of Health and Environment. “Through this type of collaboration, we can break down silos and give local communities the tools they need to improve health outcomes.” hosts a wealth of data, trends, disparities and demographics and can generate reports that compare between geographies. Additionally, a promising practices database informs professionals and community members about documented approaches to improving community health and quality of life. Funding opportunities and other resources are also featured on the site. All data is presented at the community, not patient, level.

While communities and researchers have been able to access these data from various sources, turns that data into useful information that communities and health care providers can use to identify and address the leading health concerns of their communities.

The Kansas Health Matters Partnership was established in March 2011 as a public-private partnership. Multiple cross-sectorial agencies came together to create and provide the vision and leadership for Kansas’ most comprehensive online source of state-specific data and relevant health improvement resources.

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