Report – Voices of the Underinsured

Kansans Tell Their Stories

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Apr 30, 2010


Sharon T. Barfield, M.S.W., LSCSW,

Gina C. Maree, M.S.W., LSCSW


What happens when health insurance coverage is not enough?

Individuals are considered underinsured when their health insurance coverage does not adequately address their health care needs, a situation that often results in financial strain, medical debt or postponing needed care due to cost.

The following document contains 10 stories of real Kansans recounting how inadequate insurance coverage has impacted their daily lives. These personal accounts provide a glimpse at what it’s like to be underinsured. The stories represent individuals’ perspectives on the issues and the situations they experienced. The facts were not independently verified and the names of the participants and some other specifics were changed to ensure anonymity.

As these stories reveal, the issue of underinsurance is complex. To help the reader identify policy issues within the stories, KHI has created notes to accompany each profile. These policy notes link specific material from the stories to a larger health policy context.

Together, these stories and policy notes illustrate the multiple dimensions of underinsurance and the underlying impact insurance limitations have on individuals.

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