2021 Working Groups of the Special Committee on Kansas Mental Health Modernization and Reform

The Legislative Coordinating Committee approved six days in 2021 for the Special Committee on Mental Health Modernization and Reform (Special Committee) and its roundtable members to convene to:

  1. Ensure that both inpatient and outpatient services are accessible in communities;
  2. Review the capacity of current behavioral health workforce;
  3. Study the availability and capacity of crisis centers and substance abuse facilities;
  4. Assess the impact of recent changes to state policies on the treatment of individuals with behavioral health needs; and
  5. Make recommendations on steps needed to make Kansas a nationwide leader on behavioral health delivery, specifically focusing on how Kansas should modernize its behavioral health delivery system.

The 2021 Special Committee has convened three working groups to revisit recommendations from the 2020 interim, revising and updating them as necessary, and to develop new recommendations related to topics directed to them by the Special Committee. KHI was asked to facilitate the working groups.

Working Groups


Services and Workforce

System Capacity and Transformation


Other Working Group Documents