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July 15, 2019 | POLICY & RESEARCH

Who Are the Remaining Uninsured Adult Kansans? (July 2019)

Despite gains in health insurance coverage since 2009 for nonelderly Kansas adults age 19-64, many remain uninsured. Based on the latest estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau, 201,275 (11.9 percent) nonelderly Kansas adults were uninsured in 2017. This issue brief builds on information presented in the 2019 Annual Insurance Update to describe in detail those nonelderly Kansas adults who remain uninsured, including their employment, educational attainment and citizenship status.

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December 03, 2018 | POLICY & RESEARCH

Insurance Coverage by Kansas Congressional District (December 2018)

The 2nd congressional district in eastern Kansas had the lowest uninsured rate (7.9 percent) and the 4th district in south-central Kansas, which includes the city of Wichita, had the highest (9.5 percent). Learn more in our new fact sheet which details health insurance coverage for Kansans in 2017 by congressional district as well as by age group.

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December 19, 2017 | POLICY & RESEARCH

Infographic: Health Insurance in Kansas 2016 (December 2017)

This infographic depicts insurance coverage in Kansas for 2016. It breaks down the population of Kansas into those with different types of private and public insurance, and those without insurance. The infographic further divides the uninsured population into income categories and describes how many were potentially eligible for various coverage options in 2016.

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