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November 07, 2017 | POLICY & RESEARCH

Advancing Behavioral Health Priorities in Community Health

As Kansas communities continue to initiate health improvement efforts, they often wrestle with how best to engage in behavioral health work given the complexity of the issues and the need for multi-pronged efforts focused on diverse and integrated approaches. The Kansas Health Institute has prepared a resource of practical ideas for advancing behavioral health priorities identified in community health (needs) assessments (CHAs/CHNAs) and community health improvement plans (CHIPs) in Kansas, and it seeks to point readers to examples of how these priorities have been effectively addressed in other communities.

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September 20, 2016 | POLICY & RESEARCH

Issue Brief: 2016 Kansas Legislative Recap

Health policy bills were at the forefront of many legislative discussions during the session, both as stand-alone issues and tied with debates over the budget. It is likely that key themes in these bills will return next session, especially with the elections this November.

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