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October 23, 2019 | POLICY & RESEARCH

State Budget Explainer (October 2019)

When Governor Laura Kelly first presented the Governor’s Budget Report for 2020, it took 869 pages in two volumes to explain – in addition to a 171-page report comparing it to what the Legislature adopted. The details are necessary but overwhelming. The Kansas Health Institute (KHI) and Kansas Health Foundation (KHF) produced a series of five infographics to explain the budget in a more simplified manner.

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September 12, 2019 | POLICY & RESEARCH

State Cost Containment Strategies, Testimony (September 2019)

Robert F. St. Peter, M.D., KHI President & CEO, and Linda J. Sheppard, J.D., Senior Analyst & Strategy Team Leader, provided an overview of health insurance coverage, insurance market characteristics, health care costs and state policy approaches to contain health care costs to the Special Committee on Financial Institutions & Insurance on September 12, 2019.

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April 01, 2019 | POLICY & RESEARCH

Medical Marijuana: Policy Considerations (April 2019)

Thirty-four states have legalized marijuana for a broad range of medical purposes. Ten of those states also have legalized recreational use for adults, thereby creating conflicts between state and federal laws in an environment of evolving research regarding therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana and risks to public health. Twelve states have limited medical marijuana use laws. This issue brief provides an update to a comprehensive Health Impact Assessment on medical marijuana published by the Kansas Health Institute in 2015.

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