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Who Vaccinates Our Children?

By Gianfranco Pezzino, M.D., M.P.H., John Rule, Sunee Mickle, J.D. | February 05, 2007

This report presents the results of a study aimed at mapping the immunization delivery system in Kansas and identifying possible weaknesses. The study used two surveys — one that was sent to all private clinics that could be identified in the state and another that was sent to all local health departments. The study found that a disproportionately low number of private clinics in Kansas provides immunizations compared to other states and concludes that the number of the children in the area seems to be the most important factor affecting the decision of a private clinic to provide immunizations.

For more information on immunization efforts in Kansas, visit www.immunizekansaskids.org.


Who Vaccinates Our Children? A Map of the Immunization Delivery System in Kansas

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