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A Review of Current Issues about Tobacco Use

By Gianfranco Pezzino, M.D., M.P.H. | January 01, 2005

The Kansas Health Institute prepared this memo to the Kansas Health Foundation to describe the major current issues about use of tobacco products in the United States. This report was prepared for a non-technical audience, to allow a quick overview, while directing to appropriate sources for additional information. While the main focus of the report is on cigarette smoking, some information on other tobacco products is included as well.

After a review of the health effects of smoking, the report discusses some of the legal issues that have surrounded tobacco products use in the past years, and moves on to describe the best evidence-based interventions to reduce tobacco use. Examples of tobacco control programs from Kansas and other states are presented. Finally, a brief review of emerging issues that could affect future tobacco use and tobacco control programs is included.


A Review of Current Issues about Tobacco Use

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