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Financing Childhood Immunizations Across the Nation

By | February 05, 2007

A follow-up to the Kansas Health Institute"s October 2006 report, Financing Childhood Immunizations in Kansas, this report summarizes the funding options for childhood immunizations.

The first section of this report explores various aspects of the financing structure for immunizations, while the second section of this report summarizes the immunization programs of 11 exemplar states.

This report shows that high immunization rates are not associated with one particular program, one specific practice, or one financial arrangement rather, successful immunization programs employ various approaches simultaneously to increase immunization rates.

This report offers an explanation of the immunization funding options as well as information on a variety of practices used in exemplary states.

For more information on Kansas immunization efforts, visit www.immunizekansaskids.org.


Financing Childhood Immunizations Across the Nation: A Follow-Up Report to the Immunize Kansas Kids Steering Committee

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