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Annual Insurance Update 2011

By Robert F. St. Peter, M.D., Ivan Williams, M.B.A. | March 12, 2012

As the debate about federal health reform — and health reform right here in Kansas — continues, this Annual Insurance Update 2011 provides the latest available information from the U.S. Census Bureau on insurance coverage in Kansas. The information can be used to better understand how proposed changes in state policy and the Affordable Care Act might affect insurance coverage in our state.

The report begins with an overview of insurance coverage — who has it and who doesn’t — and where Kansans get insurance coverage. It describes the link between employment and insurance coverage, then explores differences in insurance coverage across the state. Finally, the report includes a look at the important trends in insurance coverage during the last decade to put the current status in context and to begin imagining what the future of insurance coverage in Kansas might look like.


Annual Insurance Update 2011

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