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2022 Kansas Legislative Preview (January 2022)

By Linda J. Sheppard, J.D., Wendy Dang, M.P.H., C.P.H., Hina B. Shah, M.P.H. | January 07, 2022

2022 Kansas Legislative Preview (January 2022)


The Kansas Legislature faces many important issues when they return to work on Monday, January 10. This brief looks at health policy legislation that could be debated in 2022, including COVID-19 related issues that arose during the November Special Session.

Key Points include:

  • Redistricting will be a priority for legislators during the 2022 session after Senate and House Committees held nearly 20 joint meetings last year to receive public comments on reapportionment.
  • The federal American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 includes a new financial incentive for states that have not expanded Medicaid.
  • Legislators will be presented with new recommendations for improvement of the Kansas behavioral health system from the Special Committee on Kansas Mental Health Modernization and Reform.
  • Two bills to create the Kansas Medical Marijuana Regulation Program, including one passed by the House at the end of the 2021 session, are available for action in 2022.
  • Legislators may take another look at legislation focused on the operation of pharmacy benefit managers.

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