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Issue Brief: 2016 Kansas Legislative Recap

Key health policy bills

By Andrea N. Hinton, Linda J. Sheppard, J.D. | September 20, 2016

Issue Brief: 2016 Kansas Legislative Recap

The 2016 Kansas legislative session was a short session—adjourning in 73 days. However, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that some of the provisions in the K-12 finance bill were unconstitutional. This ruling brought the legislators back to Topeka on June 7 for a special legislative session called by the governor. They satisfied the court’s concerns within two days.

Health policy bills were at the forefront of many legislative discussions during the session, both as stand-alone issues and tied with debates over the budget. It is likely that key themes in these bills will return next session, especially with elections for all 165 legislative seats in November.

The Kansas Health Institute has prepared a brief entitled 2016 Kansas Legislative Recap highlighting major themes in health policy bills that were introduced during the 2016 Kansas legislative session.

Such themes include:

  • KanCare waiver integration
  • Medicaid expansion
  • "Narrow network" insurance
  • Step therapy
  • Interstate medical licensure

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