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The Kansas Health Insurance Marketplace, 2014−2018 (December 2018)

A look back at the last five years

By Linda J. Sheppard, J.D., Hina B. Shah, M.P.H. | December 18, 2018

The Kansas Health Insurance Marketplace, 2014−2018 (December 2018)

READ IT HERE — The Kansas Health Insurance Marketplace, 2014−2018: A Look Back at the Last Five Years

The sixth annual open enrollment period (OEP) for Kansans seeking coverage through the health insurance marketplace began on November 1 and ended December 15, 2018. The 45-day window to sign up was the same length as last year, although much shorter than the first plan year in 2014. Back then, consumers had more than six months to select their coverage utilizing the Healthcare.gov platform.

This issue brief looks back at the results of the first five OEPs in Kansas for plan years 2014 through 2018, and also reports the plans and premiums available to Kansans for 2019.

Key points from the brief include:

  • Premiums, before advanced premium tax credits (APTC), for a benchmark plan rose 145.6 percent between plan years 2014 and 2019.

  • For plan year 2014, 67 health insurance plans were offered by four companies, while only 23 plans were offered by three insurers for plan year 2019.

  • For 2019, all plans offered are HMOs or EPOs with limited provider networks.

  • In 2014, Kansans were almost twice as likely (16.5 percent) to select gold plans than did enrollees nationally (8.5 percent), and in each subsequent year Kansans continued to select gold plans more often than the national average.

  • The number of Kansans who selected a marketplace plan peaked at 101,555 in plan year 2016 and has remained above 98,000 for the last two years.

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