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Foundational Public Health Services in Kansas (November 2017)

By Sarah M. Hartsig, M.S. | November 13, 2017

Foundational Public Health Services in Kansas (November 2017)

READ IT HERE: Report: Foundational Public Health Services Assessment and Performance Management Subcommittee: Final Report 2016–2017

Kansas public health agencies have committed to a multi-year process aimed at modernizing the Kansas public health system. This effort focuses on the Kansas Foundational Public Health Services (FPHS) model, a minimum package of public health services that should be available to all Kansans. 

This report documents the activities of a subcommittee of the Kansas Public Health Systems Group (PHSG)—a multi-sector coalition of Kansas state public health partners representing public health practice, academic institutions, government and charitable organizations. The subcommittee's work was a four-part effort which included:

1. A literature review of similar FPHS models from other states;
2. A stakeholder engagement and vetting process to develop the Kansas FPHS model; 
3. A capacity assessment of Kansas local health departments; and 
4. A list of performance measures for the FPHS.

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