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Report: Authorities for Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing in Kansas

By Sarah M. Hartsig, M.S. | July 18, 2017

Report: Authorities for Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing in Kansas

Read it Now: Authorities for Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing in Kansas

Cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) is a tool that can be utilized by local governments to improve effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of public health services. There are legal frameworks which guide the development of formal agreements for sharing.

This document offers a brief overview of the constitutional and statutory frameworks which impact CJS in Kansas, including:   

  • Home Rule: The Kansas Constitution and Kansas statutes enable local government to make policy decisions at the local level;
  • Interlocal Agreements: Kansas statutes provide a framework for agreements between municipalities to meet local needs;
  • Contracts: Municipalities may also enter into contracts with one another to ensure necessary government services; and
  • Joint Boards of Health: Kansas statutes provide the ability to develop a joint board of health in which representatives from several municipalities serve as the governing body for the local health department(s) in the jurisdictions.

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