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Kansas Insurance Department unveils redesigned website

By KHI NEWS SERVICE | April 21, 2015

The Kansas Insurance Department unveiled its redesigned website Tuesday.

The Kansas Insurance Department unveiled its redesigned website at Tuesday.

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New home page features include:

  • A news ticker that scrolls through recent information from the department.
  • A featured videos display.
  • A prominent help section, with links to frequently sought information.
  • Drop-down menus for online services, publications and forms.
  • Resource icons for consumers, producers, companies and other services.

Insurance Commissioner Ken Selzer said the department updated the site to be more efficient and easy to use.

“We reviewed ideas from a variety of sites throughout the United States and adapted them into a friendly design for our website users,” he said.

The homepage also includes links to the insurance department’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts.

“As the department’s social media emphasis continues to grow, we decided our website needed to reflect that,” Selzer said. “The main goal, however, in providing our website information in a new format was to enhance our mission of educating and advocating for Kansas consumers in the best possible manner.”