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The Kansas Health Institute supports effective policymaking through nonpartisan research, education and engagement. Each legislative session, KHI is hard at work keeping you informed on the latest health policy discussions from across the street, in downtown Topeka.  

Health at the Capitol is a KHI production – a monthly recap with our legislative monitoring team –offering you a closer look at policy work happening now in Kansas and coming up.  

April 25, 2024

Health at the Capitol, Episode 4: First Adjournment

By Linda J. Sheppard, J.D.Theresa Freed, M.A.Emma Uridge, C.H.E.S.Valentina Blanchard, M.P.H., L.M.S.W., & Shelby C. Rowell

Join us for Health at the Capitol, a Kansas Health Institute webcast focused on health-related policy discussions and action at the Kansas Legislature.    

The latest webcast includes a discussion about  health-related bills signed, vetoed or allowed to become law by Gov. Kelly between April 10‒24.

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Theresa Freed is the KHI Director of Strategic Communication and Engagement. She joined KHI in 2023, after serving several Kansas state agencies and Johnson County Government. While overseeing digital communications at Johnson County, she launched a government podcast. Theresa produced and hosted 145 episodes. She is currently the producer for Health on the Plains, a KHI podcast that got underway in September 2023. She has extensive experience in broadcast journalism. She served as a reporter, producer, videographer, anchor, writer and editor for several news organizations across Kansas and in California. She has bachelor’s degrees in broadcast journalism and political science. She also has a master’s in mass communication and journalism.

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