2023 Crisis Standards of Care: Phase 2

A Crisis Standards of Care (CSC) plan provides a framework (guidelines) for the fair allocation of scarce resources during emergencies. In 2022, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment convened a Community Advisory Board (CAB) of consumer advocacy groups, patients and other individuals with lived experience and a Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) of clinicians and those with technical knowledge, including representatives of hospitals of various sizes to develop the Kansas Crisis Standards of Care Guidance (KSCSCG) specifically for hospital settings by June 2022. This was Phase 1.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has reconvened the CAB and TAP for a second phase that will focus on the guidance update in three areas: (1) long-term care facilities; (2) resource load balancing; and (3) communications to the public. In addition, three task teams will be formed to dig deeper into each area and draft guidance. The charge is to:

  • Update the KSCSCG by June 2023;
  • Provide considerations for the three areas;
  • Make recommendations on equitable approaches for fair, unbiased and consistent resource distribution; and
  • Contribute to and provide feedback on the CSC guidelines.

CAB and TAP members meet monthly to discuss considerations and develop the new CSC guidelines. Task teams will meet monthly from February – May 2023 to draft guidance.

KHI provides support and facilitates the meetings.

Focus Group Materials

Community Advisory Board


CAB/TAP Joint Meeting

Resource Load Balancing Task Team

Long-Term Care Task Team

Communications Task Team