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Christy Hopkins

Christy Hopkins

Member, Kansas Health Institute Board of Directors

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Christy Hopkins is Director of Greeley County Community Development, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring stability and growth for Unified Greeley County. She is the secretary for Growing the Vision: A Foundation for the Future of Greeley County and treasurer of the Star Theater of Tribune, a community-owned movie theater.

Christy is a graduate of the Kansas Agriculture and Rural Leadership (KARL) program, is a Kansas Health Foundation Fellow, and an alum of the Sunflower Fellows Advocacy program. She serves on the Kansas Sampler Foundation board and is a member of PowerUps, a Kansas Sampler initiative dedicated to the empowerment and connection of Kansans age 21-39 who are rural by choice. She is a past president and serves on the board for WKREDA, the Western Kansas Regional Economic Development Alliance. She also serves on the board of the Western Kansas Community Foundation. 

Christy holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communications and film from Southwestern College.