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Robert F. St. Peter, M.D.

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Video: KHI's St. Peter on the economic outlook for the healthcare industry

The Center for Economic Development and Business Research at Wichita State University invited Robert St. Peter — president and CEO of the Kansas Health Institute — to present at its annual conference on the economic outlook for the healthcare industry.

KHI's St. Peter explains elements of ACA on NPR

NPR recently interviewed KHI President and CEO Robert St. Peter for stories airing this week on the Affordable Care Act. As he explains, under the new federal health reform law, insurers can only set prices for an individual’s insurance based on three things: age and smoking, and where you live.

Monthly Consumer Costs In the Kansas Marketplace

As of October 1, 2013, there are many new options for Kansans to consider when purchasing health insurance. This report provides information detailing the cost of various health insurance plans available by premium rating areas across the state.

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Issue Brief: Insurance Marketplace Now Open—Plan and Cost Options for Kansans

After more than three years of preparation and debate, the health insurance marketplace created by the Affordable Care Act opened this week in Kansas for enrollment in coverage starting as early as Jan. 1. While the initial rollout is likely to experience technical challenges and limited online functionality, the plans available and the prices for coverage in the marketplace are described in this brief.

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Annual Insurance Update 2011

This report examines the sources of health insurance for Kansans and details the demographic characteristics of uninsured Kansans.

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A letter from the President and CEO

To maintain the credibility of both the News Service and our policy analysis and research, we’ve worked hard to keep the two functions separate. The News Service truly operates as an editorially independent program. By the same token, members of the News Service staff aren’t involved in discussions about the many policy and research projects KHI is involved in, including those we undertake in partnerships with state agencies and others.

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Testimony: A Planned Health Impact Assessment of Casino Development in Southeast Kansas

In testimony to the Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee, KHI discusses a planned health impact assessment of casino development in Southeast Kansas.

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Testimony - Kansas Partnership for Improving Community Health

In testimony to a joint meeting of the Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee and House Health and Human Services Committee, KHI discusses the Kansas Partnership for Improving Community Health and the new website.

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Testimony - The Role of the Public Health System in Kansas

In testimony to the Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee, Robert F. St. Peter, M.D., discussed the determinants of health, the distribution of health care dollars, and the role of the public health system.

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Health Insurance and the Uninsured in Kansas

About 89 percent of Kansans have health insurance. That"s better than many states. Still, more than 300,000 Kansans are uninsured. This report provides an overview of important trends in health insurance coverage as well as a profile of the uninsured.

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Reinsurance and State Health Reform: The Role of Reinsurance as a Public Policy Tool in Kansas

Several states are using reinsurance programs to stabilize small group markets and expand access to health insurance coverage. This issue brief explains reinsurance and discusses how it might be used as part of a broader set of health reforms in Kansas.

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Who Are the Children Enrolling in SCHIP and Medicaid?

This is the first in a series of Research Briefs by the Kansas Health Institute summarizing findings from a comprehensive evaluation of the State Children's Health Insurance Program. This brief describes characteristics of children entering SCHIP and Medicaid, as well as characteristics of their families.

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Do Children Enrolling in Public Health Insurance Have Other Options?

This brief is part of a series that summarized findings from a comprehensive evaluation of the State Children's Insurance Program. It describes prior health insurance coverage of children entering SCHIP, as well as current coverage within their families.

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Children's Enrollment in HealthWave and Medicaid: Where Do We Stand?

This Issue Brief discusses the actual and potential enrollment of children in public health insurance, some of the challenges of assessing success, and implications for public health insurance in the future.

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Children's Enrollment in Kansas Public Health Insurance Programs Since the Introduction of HealthWave

This Issue Brief is the first in a series of reports from the Kansas HealthWave Evaluation Project, a three-year evaluation of HealthWave, Kansas' State Children's Health Insurance program.

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Dynamics of HealthWave and Medicaid Enrollment: Into, Out of, and Between Two State Programs

This Issue Brief examines the dynamics underlying this growth, focusing on the movement of children into, out of, and between the two Kansas programs that provide health insurance to eligible low-income children.

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The Organization of Public Health and Environmental Functions in Kansas

In this report, the Kansas Health Institute examines the organization of public health and environmental functions currently administered by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

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Hunger in Kansas

An analysis of the 1995 Current Population Survey Food Security Supplement data to determine the prevalence of hunger in Kansas and to identify particular sub-groups at risk for experiencing hunger.