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Health Reform Brief 5: Medicare Changes Include Care Coordination and Prescription Drug Costs

This brief — the fifth in a series focusing on how health reform affects Kansans — examines the changes that will occur in Medicare under the health reform law.

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Health Insurance and the Uninsured in Kansas

Updates from the March 2008 Current Population Survey

This annual publication of the Kansas Health Institute provides a snapshot of the insurance status of Kansans in various categories, including age, gender and work status. It also describes how the insurance status of Kansans is changing over time.

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Memo to legislators regarding the Kansas Office of Inspector General

The Kansas Legislature in 2009 considered the structure of the Kansas Office of Inspector General, an office within the Kansas Health Policy Authority that is to detect abuse and fraud in the Kansas Medicaid program. This memo provides an overview of the ways in which the federal government's Office of Inspector General maintains its role as an independent agency.

Convening Summary: The Impact of Underinsurance on Kansans

KHI sponsored a convening in January 2009 to enhance the understanding of underinsurance and its impact on Kansans. The convening intended to introduce stakeholders to the issue of underinsurance and encourage dialogue, specifically about the importance of determining how to define underinsurance.

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Personal Responsibility in Medicaid: Challenges and Opportunities

The concept of "personal responsibility" as it relates to the state's Medicaid population is frequently cited in discussions about the Kansas public health insurance program.

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Safety Net System in Kansas

Gina Maree, vice president of Health Policy for the Kansas Health Institute, delivered this presentation on Kansas' safety net system to the Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee in January, 2009.

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The Growing Consequences of Inadequate Health Insurance

While much attention has been devoted to uninsured Kansans, far less has been focused on the emerging problem of underinsurance. But recent research has begun to shed light on it.

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Economic Impact of Lawrence Smoke-Free Ordinance

There has been much debate about the impact of Lawrence's comprehensive smoke-free ordinance on the restaurant and bar industry. This KHI study indicates that the ordinance did not negatively affect the industry as a whole.

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Issue Brief: The Growing Health and Financial Costs of Inadequate Health Insurance

This introduction to the issue of underinsurance discusses the difficulty in determining what constitutes underinsurance and alerts policymakers to issues they should consider when addressing this issue.

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Reinsurance and State Health Reform: The Role of Reinsurance as a Public Policy Tool in Kansas

Several states are using reinsurance programs to stabilize small group markets and expand access to health insurance coverage. This issue brief explains reinsurance and discusses how it might be used as part of a broader set of health reforms in Kansas.

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