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Healthier Kansas requires healthier built environment, community design expert says

Bike- and pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods benefit residents, businesses

The keynote speaker at the Kansas Obesity Summit said roads, sidewalks, buildings and other community elements influence our travel choices and physical activity.

Labor Department delays overtime pay for Medicaid home care providers

KDADS pleased with decision but reviewing long-term implications of policy

While the law will take effect Jan. 1, 2015, as scheduled, the U.S. Labor Department will delay enforcement for six months.

KU Medical Center gets $10M for rural obesity study

The project will track about 1,400 patients in rural Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Wisconsin.

EPA official says Clean Power Plan key to minimizing climate change

The administrator for the EPA region that includes Kansas says power plants must be innovative, competitive and efficient to help the United States meet its greenhouse gas reduction targets.

KU pathologist welcomes federal initiative to fight antibiotic resistance

While disease-causing bacteria eventually will develop resistance to all current antiobiotics, KU professor Rebecca Horvat says the president's order brings new focus to the effort.

Kansas to share suicide, homicide data with CDC

The $970,000 grant is part of a federal program to develop strategies to prevent violent deaths. Kansas is one of 32 participating states.

Report: Rural children more likely to rely on CHIP

National advocacy group urges reauthorization of federal health insurance program

Congress is considering whether to reauthorize four years of funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program, which provides coverage for more than 56,000 Kansas children.

Respiratory illness sickens hundreds of KC area children

KDHE spokeswoman Sara Belfry says the department is investigating whether any of the young patients treated at Children's Mercy are from Kansas.

New regulations could end dispute over Kansas coal-fired power plant

Greenhouse gas regulations recently proposed by the EPA could block a proposed facility next to an existing coal-fired unit at Sunflower’s station outside Holcomb.

Kansas cancer consortium receives federal funding

The Cancer Center of Kansas will receive $1.7 million over five years for clinical trials involving more than 300 cancer patients.

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