Barbara J. LaClair, M.H.A.

Senior Analyst

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Barbara J. LaClair, M.H.A., Senior Analyst, conducts and analyzes research on public and population health issues. LaClair formerly was a consultant, providing analytic, research and writing services on projects related to public health, hunger and sustainable food systems. Prior to that, she worked as a research health scientist for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in Topeka and as a senior research analyst for the Kansas Health Institute. LaClair earned a master's degree in health services administration from the University of Kansas and a bachelor’s degree in biology from Wichita State University.

Work by Barbara

Issue Brief: Community Health Assessment and Improvement Planning in Kansas

This issue brief summarizes the results of a study of community health assessments and community health improvement plans. The information for this study was gathered through various focus groups and surveys about experiences and outcomes in Kansas between 2012 and 2013.

Private Immunization Delivery System for Children in Kansas, 2012

This study documents and describes the characteristics of childhood immunization services in the Kansas private provider system.

Report: Integration of Kansas WIC Clinics with Childhood Immunization Activities

This report, published by KHI for the Immunize Kansas Kids coalition, provides information about experiences, outcomes and current practices linking WIC clinic sites with immunization activities, both nationally and in Kansas.

Report: Pertussis Cocooning — The Concept, Experiences and Lessons Learned

This report, published by KHI for the Immunize Kansas Kids coalition, examines ways to protect infants from Pertussis, commonly called whooping cough.

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Kansans Not Following Nutrition Guidelines: Findings from the Kansas Health and Nutrition Survey

A look at how well Kansans’ nutritional intake conforms to the national recommended dietary guidelines.

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Federal Funding of Public Health Activities in Kansas

This report investigates how the levels of federal public health funding in Kansas compare with those in other states and identifies areas in which Kansas may have opportunities to expand funding.

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Understanding the Health of Kansas Children

There are many serious risks to a child’s health. Health risks are influenced by individual, family, neighborhood, school and community factors, as well as the physical environment. Effective economic, educational and health policies are also important to reduce children’s risk for illness and injury.

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The Growing Consequences of Inadequate Health Insurance

While much attention has been devoted to uninsured Kansans, far less has been focused on the emerging problem of underinsurance. But recent research has begun to shed light on it.

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Issue Brief: The Growing Health and Financial Costs of Inadequate Health Insurance

This introduction to the issue of underinsurance discusses the difficulty in determining what constitutes underinsurance and alerts policymakers to issues they should consider when addressing this issue.

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Report: Environmental Health Issues in Kansas - An Overview

The environment in which we live can affect our health. Environmental hazards can contribute to the development of health conditions such as asthma, cardiovascular disease, lead poisoning and cancer.

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