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Presentation: Medicaid Managed Care - A National Perspective

Medicaid expert Vern Smith, Ph.D., shares national outlook for Medicaid managed care

By | August 22, 2017

Presentation: Medicaid Managed Care - A National Perspective

READ IT HERE: Medicaid and Managed Care: A National Perspective and Outlook (presentation by Vernon K. Smith, Ph.D.)

National Medicaid expert Vernon K. Smith, Ph.D., senior advisor for Health Management Associates, talked to Kansas policymakers and other invited guests about trends in Medicaid managed care. Kansas Senator Vicki Schmidt kicked off the program and Kari Bruffett, KHI director of policy, provided a Kansas perspective. Robert St. Peter, M.D., KHI president and CEO, moderated a discussion with Mr. Smith and the audience.

Mr. Smith provided insights about Medicaid spending, enrollment, long-term and services and supports (LTSS), and more.

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