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Report: Review of Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing in Kansas

By Sarah M. Hartsig, M.S. | August 25, 2017

Report: Review of Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing in Kansas

READ IT HERE: Report: Review of Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing in Kansas

In 2013, members of the Kansas Public Health Systems Group—a multi-sector coalition of public health partners—participated in a prioritization process to determine key activities to improve the public health system in Kansas.

They formed a workgroup to better understand the extent of cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) in Kansas, as well as issues surrounding it. CJS occurs when jurisdictions, such as counties or cities, collaborate to deliver public health services across boundaries. By working together, public health agencies can build economies of scale that improve effectiveness and efficiency.

This report summarizes the workgroup’s activities and findings. Among other things, they found that approximately three-fourths of Kansas local health departments currently engage in some form of CJS. 

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