Kansas AG reports tobacco settlement money tops projections

0 | Apr. 18, 2014 | Children, Legislature, Tobacco

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt announced the receipt of $62.2 million from the tobacco master settlement agreement, which is about $7 million more than first projected as payment to the state for 2013. Children's advocates say the extra money should be used to fund children's programs.

Governor signs 19 bills into law

0 | Apr. 18, 2014 | Courts, Legislature, Medicaid-CHIP

Gov. Sam Brownback signed 19 bills into law Friday, including measures dealing with medical malpractice and prompt payment of Medicaid claims by managed care companies. He also signed a controversial law that will strip the Kansas Supreme Court of its authority to appoint chief administrative judges in the state's judicial districts.

Brownback signs law expanding autism coverage

0 | Apr. 16, 2014 | Child Health, Legislature, Insurance

Gov. Sam Brownback signed into a law a measure that is expected to make insurance coverage for autism services available to about 750 Kansas children over the next two to three years.

Governor urged to veto health care compact bill

0 | Apr. 15, 2014 | Legislature, Health Reform

Representatives of AARP and Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger urged Gov. Sam Brownback to veto a bill that seeks to give states control of Medicare and Medicaid.

Brownback job-training initiative draws praise

0 | Apr. 07, 2014 | Legislature, Workforce, Social Determinants of Health

Ashley Gaeddert is a senior at Newton High School who, like hundreds of others across the state, is getting a head start on a career in medicine thanks to a new state training program.

Health care compact, damage cap bills among those sent to governor

0 | Apr. 07, 2014 | Legislature, Health Reform

A bill authorizing Kansas to join other states in an attempt to gain control of federal health care dollars was among several health-related measures approved by the Legislature before it adjourned Sunday.

Senate expected to vote on compact bill

0 | Apr. 02, 2014 | Congress, Legislature, Health Care Delivery, Insurance, Medicaid-CHIP

“I’m anticipating that there will be floor debate on Friday,” said Senate Majority Leader Terry Bruce, a Hutchinson Republican. “We’ll be running the bill.”

Senate passes autism bill

0 | Apr. 02, 2014 | Child Health, Children, Early Childhood, Legislature, Health Care Delivery, Insurance

Advocates for families with autistic children say House Bill 2744 is flawed but "a step in the right direction."

House maintains position in non-economic damages negotiation

0 | Apr. 02, 2014 | Legislature, Health Care Delivery

A bill that would incrementally increase the cap on non-economic damages in case of personal injury and medical malpractice was sent back to conference committee after the failure Wednesday of a motion to agree to disagree.

Senate committee endorses health compact bill

0 | Apr. 01, 2014 | Legislature, Health Reform

Several senators today spoke in favor of a House-passed bill that has the goal of Kansas officials eventually being able to take over federally funded health care programs, including Medicare, within the state's borders.

Senate approves Predetermination of Health Care Benefits Act

0 | Apr. 01, 2014 | Legislature, Insurance

The Kansas Senate today gave tentative approval to a bill that could allow medical patients "real-time" estimates of how much their health insurance plans would pay for various treatments or procedures.

Nurses’ push for independence from doctors stalls in Legislature

0 | Mar. 31, 2014 | Legislature, Health Care Delivery, Workforce

The ways of the Kansas Legislature are a frustrating mystery to Merilyn Douglas. The advanced practice registered nurse from Garden City is part of a group that is pushing for passage of a bill that would allow APRNs to practice independently from physicians. But that push has stalled. The bill hasn’t received a hearing in either the House or Senate and it’s too late in the legislative session for any discussion to begin. “This has happened to us three years in a row,” Douglas said. “It is frustrating. It challenges your faith in the legislative process.”

Legislature passes bill relaxing hospital lien requirements

0 | Mar. 26, 2014 | Legislature, Hospitals

The House passed a bill that would relax documentation requirements for Kansas hospitals filing liens when an injured person maintains a claim against another party for their injuries.

Senate committee to hear health care compact bill

0 | Mar. 26, 2014 | Legislature, Health Care Delivery, Medicaid-CHIP

The Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee is scheduled next week to hear a House-passed bill would allow Kansas to join a multi-state compact for circumventing full implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Senate votes to repeal renewable energy standards, but House puts bill on hold

0 | Mar. 26, 2014 | Environment, Legislature

The Kansas Senate voted to repeal the state’s renewable energy standards. The debate pitted free-marketeers against those who believe the energy mandates helped promote clean energy. The standards require utilities to show a 15 percent renewable energy generation capacity in 2016 and at least 20 percent by 2024. But in the House, a motion to concur with the measure failed, 77-44, effectively leaving it in limbo for now.