Switch to KanCare complicates Medicaid fraud detection

0 | Aug. 29, 2014 | Agencies, Legislature, KanCare

A national organization leader and a federal report say other governmental agencies tasked with rooting out Medicaid fraud also are struggling to adapt to the managed care model.

Bruffett confirmed as KDADS chief

0 | Aug. 28, 2014 | Government, Agencies, KDADS, Legislature

Kari Bruffett said one of her initial tasks as secretary of the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services will be to work with federal officials to continue the transition away from institutional care for people with disabilities.

Negotiations on nursing practice bill off to good start

0 | Aug. 26, 2014 | Legislature, Health Care Delivery, Workforce

Representatives of Kansas doctor and nurse groups are negotiating on legislation allowing nurses with advanced training to practice on their own.

Effort to unseat moderate House Republicans comes up short

0 | Aug. 06, 2014 | Campaign 2014, Legislature

Despite a flood of negative mail in the final weeks of the campaign, all of the targeted Kansas House members survived their primary challenges.

Obamacare among issues fueling campaign to unseat House GOP moderates

0 | Aug. 04, 2014 | Campaign 2014, Legislature, Health Reform

The Kansas Values Institute and the Kansas Traditional Republican Majority are spending thousands to defend moderate Republican Statehouse incumbents against charges that they failed to support conservative-led efforts to transfer control of federal health care programs to the state, block Medicaid expansion and repeal the state’s renewable energy standards.

Key lawmaker says smaller government also goal of tax cuts

0 | Jun. 24, 2014 | Budget, Legislature

As the leader of a conservative Republican majority in the Senate, Susan Wagle says: "Government has less money to spend, but that’s what the people are asking for, they want more money in their pockets."

Report: Expanded liquor sales in Kansas could have health consequences

0 | Jun. 20, 2014 | Legislature, Health Impact Assessment

The health impact assessment says expanded liquor sales could lead to more underage drinking.

Cash-flow loan triggers debate about Brownback’s economic policies

0 | Jun. 19, 2014 | Budget, Government, Legislature

Sharp disagreements between Gov. Sam Brownback and Democratic legislators on the State Finance Council provide a preview of what is likely to be the dominant topic in the governor’s race.

AARP scorecard ranks Kansas 17th

0 | Jun. 19, 2014 | Legislature, Health Care Delivery, Hospitals

“Seventeenth - that places us in the second quartile of states, or somewhere toward the middle of the road,” said Maren Turner, director of AARP Kansas. “Kansas can do better than that. I mean, who wants to receive middle-of the-road services? Most people don’t.”

Former Kansas family still hopeful medical marijuana will help son with epilepsy

0 | Jun. 18, 2014 | Legislature, Health Care Delivery

In the weeks since the Reed family left Kansas for Colorado, steady increases in the dosage of medical marijuana have helped 3-year-old Otis to sleep better but haven’t reduced his seizures.

KC legislator says Missouri lawmakers nearly reached Medicaid expansion deal

0 | Jun. 16, 2014 | Legislature, Medicaid-CHIP, Other States

Missouri State Sen. Ryan Silvey, a Kansas City Republican, provided a behind-the-scenes look at high-level negotiations that occurred just before the session ended without an agreement to expand Medicaid eligibility.

Kansas hospitals crafting Medicaid expansion proposal

0 | Jun. 16, 2014 | Legislature, Hospitals, Medicaid-CHIP

Fearing that political events may be conspiring to foreclose the opportunity to use mostly federal dollars to extend coverage to thousands of uninsured poor adults not currently eligible for Medicaid, the Kansas Hospital Association is preparing to shift its lobbying campaign into high gear.

Medicaid expansion supporters stage Statehouse rally

0 | May. 30, 2014 | Legislature, Letters

Kansas is among 19 states that have rejected expansion of coverage to more low-income adults.

House social services budget chair won't seek re-election

0 | May. 20, 2014 | Campaign 2014, Legislature

Rep. David Crum, an Augusta Republican who chairs the House Social Services Budget Committee, has announced he will not seek re-election.

Governor nixes tobacco fund 'sweep'

0 | May. 16, 2014 | Budget, Early Childhood, Legislature

Gov. Sam Brownback announced he has vetoed a section in this year’s budget bill that would have transferred $5 million from the Kansas Endowment for Youth Fund to the Kansas Bioscience Authority.