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New Estimate of Kansas Uninsured Rate is 12.6 percent

0 | Sep. 20, 2013 | Health Insurance

For the second time in less than a week, the U.S. Census Bureau has released estimates on insurance coverage in Kansas. Thursday's release from the American Community Survey (ACS) indicated that 356,000 people in Kansas did not have insurance in 2012, which results in an uninsured rate of 12.6 percent. These estimates were essentially unchanged from 2011.

Kansas Uninsured Rate Unchanged at 13.1 percent

0 | Sep. 18, 2013 | Health Insurance

U.S. Census Bureau data released Tuesday showed that the Kansas uninsured rate remained unchanged at 13.1 percent. This means that approximately 369,000 Kansans were uninsured in 2011/2012. Of that number, approximately 60,000 were uninsured Kansas children.

Webinar: Different data sources for insurance coverage reporting

0 | Sep. 16, 2013 | Health Insurance, Health Insurance

Later this week, two different sources will release annual insurance coverage numbers. Which is right? Which is best? KHI’s policy team helps you understand the differences in this webinar.

Annual Insurance Update 2012

0 | Apr. 17, 2013 | Health Insurance

As efforts to reform the health care system — nationally and here in Kansas — continue, this Annual Insurance Update 2012 provides new information from the U.S. Census Bureau on insurance coverage in Kansas.

Issue Briefs: Kansans Share Thoughts on Health Care System and Affordable Care Act

0 | Jan. 31, 2013 | Health Insurance, Health Reform

The Kansas Health Institute conducted a study about how Kansans perceive the health care system and the Affordable Care Act. The study produced two briefs, “Kansans Share Thoughts on Health Care System” and “What Do Kansans Know about Health Reform?”