Health Reform

Presentation: Health Reform in Kansas

0 | Oct. 25, 2012 | Health Reform, Presentations

The Kansas Health Institute delivered this presentation to the Murphy Society at the University of Kansas School of Medicine. The presentation includes an overview of Affordable Care Act provisions that already are in effect and those that are yet to be implemented.

How Health Reform Could Affect Kansans Living in Poverty

0 | Jul. 31, 2012 | Health Reform, Medicaid-CHIP

This presentation was delivered during the annual Kansas Conference on Poverty, July 25-27 in Wichita. The conference — themed “Helping Overcome Poverty’s Existence” — included national and local experts in health and social policy and drew participants from around the country.

Health Reform Brief 7: What the Supreme Court Ruling on Health Reform May Mean for Kansans

0 | Jul. 02, 2012 | Health Reform, Medicaid-CHIP

This issue brief — the seventh in a series focusing on health reform — examines what the Supreme Court's ruling to uphold most provisions of the Affordable Care Act means for Kansans.

Webcast Discussion of the Supreme Court's Health Reform Ruling

0 | Jul. 02, 2012 | Health Reform

The Kansas Health Institute hosted a discussion of the Supreme Court's health reform ruling and its immediate implications for Kansas. Additionally, four guests discussed the court's decision and fielded questions.

The Affordable Care Act ruling and what it means for Kansas

0 | Jun. 28, 2012 | Health Reform

Today’s historic Supreme Court ruling put an end to many months of speculation, but simultaneously raised very difficult questions. Namely, will Kansas choose to expand its Medicaid program to include low-income adults? This presentation provides a brief overview of the decision’s immediate impact in Kansas.