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Haulmark named SRS deputy secretary

By KHI NEWS SERVICE | April 02, 2012

Gary Haulmark has been named deputy secretary at the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services.

He will oversee the agency's division of disability and behavioral health services. The division is slated to become part of the new Kansas Department for Aging and Disabled Services on July 1 as part of a cabinet reshuffle tied to Gov. Sam Brownback's remake of the state's Medicaid program, which is called KanCare.

Gary Haulmark

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Haulmark previously served as the agency's point man with the Kansas Legislature. He is a former member of the Kansas House of Representatives.

His promotion was announced Monday by SRS Secretary Phyllis Gilmore. He had been acting deputy secretary since January.

“He brings a wide range of experience with and in state government to this position, along with a great deal of very useful institutional memory,” Gillmore said in a prepared statement.

Gillmore was named secretary in February following the resignation of Rob Siedlecki who returned to his home state of Florida.

Haulmark replaces Pedro Moreno, who also left SRS for a Florida job soon after Siedlecki's departure.