Issue Brief: Next Kansas Budget Presents Challenges for Lawmakers

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Gov. Sam Brownback and the 2013 Kansas Legislature are beginning to build a state budget for fiscal year 2014 (July 1, 2013, to June 30, 2014) that will be difficult to balance. State revenue is forecasted to drop sharply as a result of tax reductions, but at the same time spending pressures will rise for large items like school finance and Medicaid.

Although the State General Fund (SGF) will likely have a strong bank balance to start FY 2014,

the state’s official estimate of revenue predicts receipts will fall $733 million below current spending levels, an imbalance that lawmakers must correct.

This issue brief outlines the budget situation that Kansas faces in FY 2014. Lawmakers have the most discretion over the SGF, which is the largest fund within the state budget and receives and spends the majority of state tax revenue.

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