Health Reform Brief 1: The Impact of Health Reform on Health Insurance Coverage in Kansas

1 | Health Reform

This year, the topic of health reform will be a part of policymaking discussions and dinner table conversations across the country. The Kansas Health Institute recognizes the importance of providing state-focused details about the federal legislation, and so, throughout the year, will publish a series of briefs reviewing how health reform will impact Kansas.

This brief — the first in a series focusing on how health reform affects Kansans — describes the changes to the options and requirements for acquiring health insurance. The associated resource document provides more in-depth information about concepts discussed in the brief.

Future topics in the series will include examining public health as it's related to health reform, looking at the changes the legislation makes to the Medicaid program, and discussing cost containment and payment reform.

We value our readers' feedback, so please let us know if there is a health reform topic of interest to you and your constituents, colleagues or family. We will do our best to address it in upcoming publications.


Will (William Poling)November 21, 2012 at 3:08 p.m.

I want to know what the financial impact is that will be incurred because of bumbling State Leaders that are now playing catch up because they were convinced Romney would be elected and neglected finishing the AHCA by thinking Romney would throw the AHCA out the window? The insightful States already have the AHCA in place and are ready to go. What will be the cost of playing nincompoop catch up?