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About KHI News Service

The KHI News Service provides in-depth, objective coverage of issues, people and events that affect health policy in Kansas.

We launched the KHI News Service in 2006 and recruited highly respected Kansas journalists to staff it. We believe that good journalism is critical to an informed citizenry, a robust public debate, and ultimately – good public policy.

The KHI News Service is an editorially independent program of the Kansas Health Institute. It functions independently from KHI’s research and policy operations, similar to the way traditional media outlets separate their newsrooms from advertising and circulation departments.

KHI News Service Staff

The KHI News Service team is committed to providing in-depth reporting on health issues in Kansas and the public policy debates surrounding them. Preserving nonprofit journalism is at the heart of the well-recognized staff of reporters and editors, who are often the only news people represented in legislative committees and other venues where public policy on health issues is formed.


Since its establishment in 2006, the KHI News Service has been funded by the Kansas Health Institute, while remaining editorially independent from KHI’s policy and research operations. The Kansas Health Institute receives its core funding from the Kansas Health Foundation. 

In 2013, we began working to broaden our base of financial support. The organizations featured below have joined this effort as underwriters. 

We thank them for supporting independent, nonprofit journalism in Kansas.

Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City

The Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City was established in 2002 to eliminate barriers and promote quality health care for the uninsured and underserved. The KC-based nonprofit's service area includes Allen, Johnson and Wyandotte counties in Kansas, and Cass, Jackson and Lafayette counties in Missouri. Grants are prioritized for programs and activities that make demonstrable improvements in health and health care for medically indigent and underserved populations. 

Learn more about the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City

Kansas Health Foundation

The Kansas Health Foundation was established in 1985 to improve the health of all Kansans. The Wichita-based private philanthropy is guided by the belief that health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. The foundation seeks opportunities to invest its resources in people and projects that meet its mission and create long-term, sustainable health improvements. 

Learn more about the Kansas Health Foundation

Kansas Leadership Center

The Kansas Leadership Center was established by the Kansas Health Foundation in 2007 as a way to add significant value to the leadership development efforts undertaken by the Foundation since its early days. The Kansas Leadership Center equips people with skills to make positive change for the common good through specialized leadership training, delivered through a unique curriculum that works. 

Learn more about the Kansas Leadership Center

REACH Healthcare Foundation

The REACH Healthcare Foundation was established in 2003 to improve access and quality of health care for poor and medically underserved individuals through financial support of programs and initiatives. The Merriam-based nonprofit focuses on three areas: oral health, mental health and safety net health services. Its service area includes Allen, Johnson and Wyandotte counties in Kansas; Cass, Jackson and Lafayette counties in Missouri, and the city of Kansas City, Missouri. 

Learn more about the REACH Healthcare Foundation

Sunflower Foundation

The Sunflower Foundation was established in 2000 to serve as a catalyst for improving the health of Kansans. The Topeka-based nonprofit directs resources statewide toward helping people and communities achieve and maintain optimal health by improving access to health care, eliminating barriers, emphasizing prevention and promoting healthy environments that enable and support personal responsibility for health. Among other things, the foundation believes in treating others as we want to be treated and seeking solutions to the critical health issues facing Kansas. 

Learn more about the Sunflower Foundation