Health care compact gains attention as campaign issue

Compact critics target Brownback; Cabinet official comes to the governor’s defense

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If the compact is approved by Congress, its nine member states could suspend federal health care regulations within their borders and take over several programs now administered by the federal government.

Solving the puzzling mental health issues of Bhutanese refugees

KU professor finds that yoga program lowers participant pain levels

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Yoga - an ancient practice - has helped Bhutanese refugees lower their levels of pain, anxiety and depression.

Candidates battling for insurance post differ on big issues

But both still relatively unknown to voters as campaign heads into final week

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A poll taken as the race headed into its final week showed Republican Ken Selzer leading Democrat Dennis Anderson by double digits – but nearly half of voters didn’t know either candidate.

Family doctors push for a bigger piece of the health care pie

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Eight family-physician-related groups, including Leawood-based American Academy of Family Physicians, have formed Family Medicine for America’s Health coalition.

Kansas City conference tackles language of health care

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As reformers work on making the U.S. health care system more efficient, they’re also looking to improve communication with consumers - a concept known as "health literacy."

Few adults taking advantage of new KanCare dental coverage

Spotty networks, basic benefits and lack of knowledge limit preventive care

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When the state handed over administration of Medicaid to three managed care companies, the companies granted basic dental services to more than 130,000 adults who hadn't previously had it under Medicaid. But relatively few of those adults took advantage of it in KanCare's first year.

Sidelined player steps up game in concussion awareness effort

0 | Advocacy

A University of Kansas freshman is working to support awareness of and research into post-concussion syndrome by forming the nonprofit HeadsUp Foundation for PCS.

ACA gets mixed reviews at economic conference

Arkansas Medicaid expansion plan touted as a way to lower rates of uninsured, premiums in the private marketplace

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Less than a year after the first plans were sold in the Obamacare marketplace, it’s clear that the law’s impact on consumers, providers and employers has been mixed. But it’s also clear that it’s too soon to fully gauge its impact.

Brownback administration asks EPA to retract water rule

Farming, oil and gas interests back governor's attempt to scuttle tributary proposal

0 | Environment, Government, Agriculture

Gov. Sam Brownback and five Cabinet members signed a letter Thursday asking the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to retract a proposed rule to expand the EPA's jurisdiction over smaller tributaries under the Clean Water Act.

Groups agree overuse of antipsychotic drugs an issue in Kansas nursing homes

Advocates say societal change required to reduce reliance on medication for dementia patients

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The leaders of two state organizations say far too many nursing homes have come to rely on using antipsychotic drugs to control residents’ dementia-driven behaviors.

KDHE releases updated health risk data

0 | Community Health, KDHE

For the 2013 Kansas Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System survey, KDHE workers conducted telephone interviews with 20,000 randomly selected adults throughout Kansas

Eating disorders and insurance: A fraught combination

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In survey results released last year, the National Eating Disorder Association reported that costs and insurance limitations as the biggest barriers to treatment of eating disorders.

Eating disorders: They afflict men too

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Some researchers suggest that men make up a third of the 30 million Americans who battle clinically significant eating disorders.

As sufferers battle eating disorders, efforts under way to reopen clinic

Closure of KC inpatient facility creates treatment void

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Approximately 30 million Americans – two-thirds of them women – battle a clinically significant eating disorder during their lifetime, and hundreds of thousands of these people live in Missouri or Kansas.

Legislator seeking to lead health committee open to Medicaid expansion discussion

Concannon familiar with struggles that small-town hospitals face

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Rep. Susan Concannon, a Beloit Republican and vice chair of the health committee, says expanding Medicaid eligibility in Kansas is "something we should look at."

Fact Sheet: 57,013 Kansans Signed Up for Health Coverage in ACA’s First Year

Second enrollment period for insurance marketplace approaches

0 | Health Reform

As the second open enrollment period approaches for the health insurance marketplaces created through the Affordable Care Act, the Kansas Health Institute has developed a fact sheet providing a look back at enrollment results from the first year.

New clinic serves adult survivors of childhood cancer

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The Survivorship Transition Clinic, a project of the Midwest Cancer Alliance, the University of Kansas Medical Center and Children's Mercy Hospital, will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 5:30 p.m. Nov. 6.


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