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The Kansas Budget Puzzle: Can you balance the state budget?

Kansas Budget Basics

The budget is divided into the State General Fund and All Other Funds. The State General Fund portion for FY 2013 totals $6.2 billion. This is the portion of the budget lawmakers have the most discretion over.

The majority of State General Fund receipts come from individual income tax collections and from sales tax collections. Most State General Fund expenditures go to education and human services.

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State Agencies
Prepare 5-year capital improvement plans for submission July 1
Prepare budgets in budget system and submit to budget division and legislative research
Review budgets and request amendments to update the Governor's recommendations.
Governor and Budget Division
Budget Division issues instructions and allocations to agencies in developing budget requests
Budget Division conducts agency budget training, analyzes capital projects, and makes on-site agency visits
Budget staff analyzes agency budget requests and makes preliminary recommendations
Budget Division recommendations provided to agencies and agency appeals are heard
Governor develops recommendations to the Legislature and Budget Division prepares budget documents
Governor submits Budget Report to Legislature by 8th calendar day of the Session (21st day for new Governor
Budget Division prepares fiscal notes on legislative bills, drafts introduced version of appropriation bills, tracks legislative adjustments to Governor's recommendations, and prepares amendments to Governor's original recommendations for the Omnibus Bill
Budget Division reconciles final budget numbers with legislative fiscal staff and prepares post-session report
Consensus Revenue
Estimating Group
Project State General Fund revenues
Project State General Fund revenues
Legislative Fiscal Staff
Legislative fiscal staff prepares Fiscal Facts, Appropriations Report, and works with interim legislative committees
Legislative fiscal staff analyzes agency budget requests, begins to prepare Budget Analysis, and continues to work with interim committees
Fiscal staff analyzes Governor's budget recommendations and completes the Budget Analysis
Legislative fiscal staff works with subcommittees and budget committees of Senate Ways & Means and House Appropriations on finalizing the budget
Fiscal staff prepares items for Omnibus Bill consideration and works with Legislature to develop Omnibus Bill
Legislative fiscal staff reconciles final budget numbers with Budget Division and prepares post-session report
Legislative interim committees review assigned topics; House Appropriations, Senate Ways & Means, Legislative Post Audit, and State Building Committee tour state (October of odd numbered years)
Subcommittees of House Appropriations and Senate Ways & Means begin review of agency budgets
Appropriations bills are reviewed and acted upon in the House and Senate
Conference Committees resolve differences in appropriations bills
Omnibus Bill considered and acted upon
Legislature adjourns