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Press Release: KHI’s Tatiana Lin Appointed to National Public Health Workforce Council


Tatiana Lin, M.A., KHI Senior Analyst and Strategy Team Leader

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Topeka, Kan. – Tatiana Lin, M.A., KHI senior analyst and strategy team leader, has been appointed to the Public Health Learning Network (PHLN) Workforce Council, a part of the National Coordinating Center for Public Health Training (NCCPHT).

The Workforce Council was looking for open, forward-thinking individuals to serve on the Council and identified Lin because of her experience in performance improvement, her vantage point in working with practitioner partners, and her interest in innovative strategies. 

Her input will help inform the activities underway throughout the nation’s Public Health Learning Network (PHLN) to meet the evolving training needs of the public health workforce. 

The Workforce Council will be charged with providing input, feedback and recommendations on solicited topics such as:

Identifying successes and systems that work well in training;

  • Advise on opportunities to modernize a new public health training delivery system;
  • Identifying challenges related to finding, selecting, accessing, documenting and sharing trainings;
  • Identifying innovations and effective modalities of training to promote use; 
  • Input on design, learning and engagement modalities;
  • Assist in determining priorities, including participating in ongoing planning activities; and
  • Facilitate cooperation and communication between training developers and public health practitioners.

“A strong workforce is the backbone of the Kansas public health system. Over the years, the Kansas Health Institute has been committed to helping local communities build the capacity and skillset of public health practitioners as they embark on community health improvement efforts," stated Tatiana Lin, KHI senior analyst and strategy team leader. "The Workforce Council will provide opportunities to learn about innovations and effective training models and bring this valuable information back to Kansas.”

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