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Kansas Health Institute

Informing policy. Improving health.

The Kansas Health Institute (KHI) delivers credible information and research enabling policy leaders to make informed health policy decisions that enhance their effectiveness as champions for a healthier Kansas. Established in 1995 with a multiyear grant from the Kansas Health Foundation, KHI is a nonprofit, nonpartisan health policy and research organization based in Topeka.

The Kansas Health Foundation made its commitment to fund KHI to deliver in-depth, nonpartisan information, research and insights based on the conclusion that health policy decisions often were based on fragmented, anecdotal and sometimes biased information. At the time of its founding, KHI was unique in its status as a state-focused health policy organization that was independent, non-university based, and supported primarily through philanthropy. Since then, other states such as Colorado and Ohio have established institutes with a similar model.

KHI staff members are drawn from diverse disciplines including medicine, public and community health, health policy and management, law, anthropology, political science, sociology, health administration, communications, journalism, and business.

KHI continues to be supported by a core-operating grant from the Kansas Health Foundation, and also obtains funding from other regional and national foundations and state and federal agencies. 

Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our Vision

Healthier Kansans through effective policy.

Our Mission

To improve the health of all Kansans by supporting effective policymaking, engaging at the state and community levels, and providing nonpartisan, actionable and evidence-based information.

To achieve our vision and mission, we believe that a broad approach is needed. To make decisions that improve the health of Kansans, policymakers must understand how our health is influenced by a range of factors. Among these are the lifestyle choices we make; our socioeconomic status; our diversity; our schools; the quality and connectedness of our communities; and the financing, organization and effectiveness of our public health and health care systems.

KHI carries out its mission of helping policymakers understand the linkages between these factors and the health of Kansans in several ways. We conduct research and provide policy analysis. We convene conversations, sponsor educational forums and offer technical assistance.

Our Core Values

  • Health is an essential component of well-being. 
  • A number of social and community factors, in addition to medical care, are important in determining how healthy we are as communities and as a state. 
  • Transformation of the health system is necessary to better focus on improving the health of populations. 
  • Improving the health of our state as a whole requires addressing disparities in health that exist among vulnerable populations. 
  • Health improvement efforts should incorporate a life-course perspective placing appropriate emphasis on prevention and early childhood. 
  • More effective framing of health policy issues will assist policymakers in better understanding the problems and identifying effective policy options. 
  • Information provided by KHI will be nonpartisan, data-driven and evidence-based. 
  • Public and private partnerships and collaboration with strong, independent organizations (including government, higher education, philanthropy, nongovernmental organizations and private business) are necessary to improve health. 
  • We will be effective stewards of the resources entrusted to us. 
  • We will value our employees and invest in their success.

Meet Our Team

Kansas health policy conversations start here.

Our team not only provides expertise and analysis on health policy issues,  we make ourselves available for conversations with policymakers — providing evidence-based perspectives on the issues that impact the health of Kansans. We invite you to connect with our experts, who come from diverse disciplines including medicine, public and community health, health policy and management, law, anthropology, political science, sociology, health administration, communications, journalism, and business.

Meet Our Leadership Team
Meet Our Team Members

Board of Directors

The Board provides policy, strategic and fiduciary oversight for KHI. Members may be elected for up to three terms (three years per term).

Meet Our Board of Directors

National Advisory Committee

The Kansas Health Institute NAC is comprised of national leaders in health policy and health services research. Their role is to provide advice and counsel to the president and senior staff of KHI, as well as to serve as ambassadors for KHI throughout the country.

Meet Our Current Members